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Q:  Other SEO Consultant offers Top 5 or even Top 3, why can't you  ?

A: .We put the top 10 position because most of the users (like you and me) will stop at first page search result. This is the bottom line we can offer. We don't want to over-promise that a website is guaranteed listed on Top 5 or Top 3, because sometimes the ranking could go up and down easily within 5 to 10 listing. Meanwhile, No point you rank for top 3 or even No.1 for the nobody-search-keywords such as "Malaysia BI software", "Ladies slimming club" etc. Besides, if there is a SEO consultant offers you No.1 position, better you keep them away because even Google has warn you about this.

Q: Will it be listed in the regional search engine such as ,  ?

A: In most cases, listed in main search engines such as or, will also automatically listed on top in regional search engine. However, we don't make any promises for top position in regional search engine.

Q: Can I change the keywords again after it appears on Search Engines ?

A: No, once the customer confirms the keywords, you are not allowed to change the keywords until the 12 months service period is expired

Q: What are the differences between your SEO services and sponsor links ?

A: The fee of sponsor links are based on  " per click " , and normally one click is USD 0.10 for one keyword. Some popular keywords could be USD 1.00 per click. (for example, "Malaysia florist")  Just imagine, if one day there is 10 people click and visit your website, you have to pay USD 10.00 per day or USD 300.00 per month !

Sometimes the sponsor links appear on the right panel of the search result. It is not eye-catching even though it is rank on first page.

Furthermore, your competitors, or some play-for-fun people could easily sabotage you by keep clicking your website sponsor link and you still need to pay for this not genuine clicks.

Our service fee is based on "package" and there is no limitation on how many "clicks" for your website. It is cost effective compare to sponsor links in long run.

Q: What are the differences between your SEO services with other Malaysia SEO consultant  ?

A: One words : "Guarantee" !  Most of the comeptitors dare not to offer you 1 (ONE) year money-back guarantee for the top ranking in search engines, but WE DO ! If you spend thousands of dollars and the SEO company said : "well, we will try our best, but we cannot gurantee your website will stay on top position". In this circumstance, why do you pay for non-secured result ?

Some SEO companies can only guarantee your website appear on top at the time they collect the payment from you by promise that "no top ranking, no fees collect". But after they collect the payment from you, they will not guarantee whether your website will keep maintain on the top position or not. To them, their job is accomplished at the time you made the payment to them. But to us, our job will continue until 12 months maintenance period expire and we make sure your website is maintained on top position !

Some SEO companies use the "black hat" SEO techniques to "spam" your website to get the high ranking. It will be at great risk of getting your website banned by Google or Yahoo. In Malaysia, there are few freelancer SEO consultants are doing this. One of them even get sued by other SEO company because of trademark infringement, you can read the story here .

In conclusion, IF a SEO company/ SEO consultant offer you the low price package, sometimes it is too good to be true. SEO is not an easy job,  (unless you use the SPAM method which is very low cost as I said above) IF  you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. !













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